Sunless Tanning Information

Prior to Session

  • Shave or wax: minimum 12 -24 hours before. We cannot spray-tan clients with a wax completed the same day
  • 12-24 hours before: Exfoliate the entire body to remove dry skin or old spray-tan. Salt scrubs or microfibre wash-cloth both work well
  • If you plan on getting a manicure or pedicure: do so before your tan session

Day of Session:

  • Wear or bring: dark, loose-fitting clothing: no tight elastics or bands that would restrict around the ankles, waist or wrist
    • Think: sweatpants, loose t-shirt or dress
  • Keep in mind what you wear during your spray-tan will create ‘tan lines’
  • Avoid wearing white while your tan develops
  • Do NOT wear leggings, silk, closed toed shoes, socks or tight clothing
  • Do NOT apply makeup, deodorant, perfume, body oils or moisturizers to the skin: this will prevent any impact to your tan results
  • Bring: hair-tie & flip-flops (if possible)
  • Do NOT touch or scratch areas of the body where the tan solution has been applied while tan develops
  • Do NOT shower before your designated shower time
  • Avoid Contact with water and sweat until your designated shower time

After Session:

  • Rinse off at your designated shower time: using only water for body and face. You may use soap for underarms and private parts. After the ‘first rinse’ you can shower as you normally would
  • Be gentle when drying off after your shower. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing with your towel, instead pat dry
  • Do NOT use a loofa or other exfoliating products, unless you are trying to remove your old tan
  • Avoid: chlorine, hot tubs & baths while trying to preserve your tan
  • Use a gentle body wash
  • Moisturize once a day to help preserve your tan and keep your skin healthy
  • If shaving is required, use a new sharp razor


  • Will my spray-tan stain my clothes or bed sheets? Once your spray-tan session is complete, the top layer is called the ‘bronzing layer’. We recommend wearing loose clothing during the tan development period to avoid any rub-off. If the bronzer happens to transfer to your clothes or sheets, it will not stain, but be sure to wash these items afterward
  • How long will my tan last? We use only high quality, natural and organic products that produce a beautiful tan. Tan’s typically last around 5 days, up to 1 week. It all depends on your skin type, maintenance and lifestyle. We believe in using safe and nutrient rich products without harsh chemicals. If you have had a spray-tan that lasts longer than 1 week, it will likely have chemicals
  • How soon should I book my tan before my big event? We recommend 1 or 2 days before your event
  • If I get a spray-tan before my vacation, do I still need to wear sunscreen? The short answer is YES! While spray-tans provide the look of a ‘sun-tan’ it does not change or prevent from UV damage and sunburns. We recommend to always practice safe sun and wear sunscreen
  • Will a spray-tan make me look orange? We’ve all seen that unfortunate episode of Friends… and all the more reason why we have tested and carefully selected formulas that will provide a natural looking tan, never orange
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